Can AI Help You Improve Your Life?

There’s been so much chatter about potential drawbacks of AI like ChatGPT and Google Bard that many people are overlooking how AI might improve our lives. From automating mundane tasks to performing more efficient internet searches, there are almost limitless applications for these services — if you know how to get the most out of them.

What AI does well.

AI is very good at summarizing longer text, proofreading, and translating. Another group of AIs, such as Midjourney, can create pictures and songs based on prompts.

What AI doesn’t do well (yet).

While AI is good at searching its available databases, finding patterns, and providing basic answers, it doesn’t have the ability to “think” about what you’re asking it. Nuance and context can get lost, as can the need for an emotional response such as empathy or humor.

Finally, much of the writing AI produces reads like it was written by, well, a computer.

A.I. for Business

Having said that, AI text can still make for a decent rough draft!

AI is a great brainstorming partner. Ask it to help you draft a business plan or come up with blog topics that will appeal to your customers.

A.I. for Home

Is your meal rotation getting stale? Tell GPT what’s on your usual shopping list and it will whip up a new weekly menu, including recipes.

Not making the best use of your mornings? Ask ChatGPT to help you create a new morning routine with time for eating, exercise, and some peace and quiet.

Looking for accurate and up-to-date financial advice?

Step away from the chatbot.

AI might be able to tell you what a Roth IRA is. But it won’t be able to tell you how each piece of your financial plan works together.

Let AI handle some of the small stuff. For answers you can trust about the big moments when life and money intersect, give us a call.