#1 – Tell us about your family

As we begin to traverse the second half of life it can be an ideal time for reflection, planning and dreaming. Understanding what is happening with your family while helping to plan for both the expected and the unexpected transitions is central to our work.

The changes your family is experiencing such as preparing your kids (and wallet) for college, becoming empty nesters, evaluating or re-evaluating your career, caring for your parents and setting the stage for an adventurous second half of life are all new and usually happen only once in a lifetime.

We have good news! The professionals at PrairieFire have partnered with hundreds of families over the last number of decades to bring clarity and fresh ideas to every family’s individual circumstances

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The challenge of using the money you have to live a value driven, freedom filled life starts with evaluating your past perspectives, present values and future outlook.

  • What was money like growing up?
  • If you already had all the money you ever wanted, what would you do differently?
  • If you were to look back on your life today, what do you want to have accomplished?

#2 – Tell us what the money is FOR

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There are a multitude of financial professionals who can understand where your money is and how it is presently invested. The real work of your financial planner is to understand what the money represents for your family.

Using that information to help improve not just your return on investment, but also your return on life is vital to create a full picture that aligns your finances with your family’s values.

Financial planning is critical to helping set and reach goals around retirement, college, and charitable planning. We specialize in helping Families in Transition to Determine what’s next.

  • What factors do you consider when making financial decisions?
  • What made you choose your career path?
  • How will you know when you have enough?

#3 – Let’s partner to create a snapshot of today that makes tomorrow more clear (some peace of mind would be nice, too).

Our process will take the tapestry you’ve created to date and put it in a framework that builds a hopeful future. We want to help our families
understand where they have flexibility and freedom in their financial plan.

Giving you a number that might work for 30 years, but also might not, is ineffective.

We do the deeper work of tax planning, estate evaluation, giving strategies, intricate cash flow projections, college preapproval plans, and deliverables that make sense (no fifty page binders that collect dust).

woman signing papers

The foundation of financial advice includes everything from asset allocation to insurance to cash flow. No matter what your needs are, we will create and implement a personalized strategy.

  • How do you feel about investment risk?
  • Do you enjoy picking your own investments?
  • How is your money helping you reach your goals?