What We Believe

Money and meaning is a powerful combination.

Our individual philosophies drive much of our financial decision making. Whether it is deciding where to live, how much to spend on education, or how we would like to retire our core beliefs can both help and hinder us. Taking time to understand these messages and how they impact our financial choices can be a useful aid to living a more freedom filled second half of life.

Assumptions are limiting.

Sometimes financial freedom, especially freedom on your terms, is closer than you think. Once we better understand our assumptions, we can work on developing a life both inside and outside of those parameters. A third party like PrairieFire, by offering the experience of assisting hundreds of families over the last two decades, can help. Perhaps shedding a stressful career combined with monetizing a side business can open new doors? Maybe developing a plan to move closer to your family is in the cards after all?

Financial guidance can be fun.

Our industry is thick with technical, impersonal practitioners. We are the antithesis of most advisory teams. We believe this work can be and should be fun because after all, a freedom filled life should be exciting!

Advice should have no strings attached.

There are endless places and technologies, including artificial intelligence, that you can turn to for information. If you’re looking for advice specifically for you, it should be unquestionably in your best interest. Clients work with PrairieFire through multiple generations because they know that the advice they receive is offered from a place of caring, empathy, and free of institutional B.S.

Everyone can benefit from a plan.

Progress without planning is difficult. There is a path to everyone’s goal, but it takes discipline to find it, follow it and stay on track. We develop robust plans that explain the give and takes of your future. If you want to plan for an early retirement, for instance, we may need to get busy with a more aggressive savings plan. Perhaps you want to share your resources with your family while you’re still living. Great, let’s get to work on what that will mean for your future.