You have been committed to your child’s journey of independence and now it is time for your journey to a new and exciting chapter of empty nest living. We can help you navigate the college maze and then clear the empty nester haze!

Step 1

Manage the Tug of War – Letting Go with Gumption

Step 2

Evaluate and Embrace Money Mindsets

Step 3

Understand and Breakdown the New Issues – Career, Home, Investing, Helping

Step 4

PrairieFire Execution – We Develop a Plan on Your Behalf that Takes Action

Step 5

Imagine life with a little bit of you back in it!

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Empty Nest Full Pockets shares our journey from having four children at home to becoming full time empty nesters.  We discuss the challenges and opportunities of paying for college, helping reshape our financial foundation and living life to the fullest.

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