We build portfolios that fit our clients.

Advice specifically for you, in your best interest, and consistently managed.

At PrairieFire, we work tirelessly to form personal relationships with our clients. Armed with a deeper understanding, we aspire to create strategies to help you accomplish your financial goals and work toward living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Typically, the large Wall Street banks will abbreviate their process and offer an impersonal, model-based investment mix. Hidden fees, poor tax management, and lack of transparency are common characteristics.

Our Founder and CEO, Matt Meline, left a big Wall Street bank and formed PrairieFire because he believed his clients and friends deserved better.

The market is always changing and investors need to be prepared for a range of outcomes.

At PrairieFire, we adapt by closely monitoring the market cycles and adjusting, not based on market timing, but on our clients’ individual needs.

Risk Philosophy

Phase 1
Risk Philosophy

Phase 2 - Stage of Life

Phase 2
Stage of Life

Personalized Solutions

Phase 3
Personalized Solutions

We then build a portfolio that fits all that we have learned from you, about you. The solutions we offer apply fundamental research combined with technical research including relative strength. As an independent firm, we can offer a suite of investments that do not have proprietary ties or “pay-to-play” big firm conflicts of interest.

Core Allocations

Informed by Blackrock

Explore Allocations

Informed by Scharf Investments and Richard Bernstein Advisors

Alternative Allocations

Private Equity
Private Real Estate
Private Credit
Real Assets
and Multi-Family Real Estate

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