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The October Deadline Still Applies to the CSS Profile

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We understand that another financial aid form is the last thing you want to deal with, especially before completing the FAFSA. The “college-preparation to-do list” seems to never end! However, this form could lessen the financial burden on you or your child’s college education expenses. The College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile) is required by some, but not all schools, so it is important to research if your desired school requires it. So, what is the difference between the CSS Profile and FAFSA? The CSS Profile grants non-federal financial aid, while the FAFSA grants federal financial aid. The CSS Profile is a privately organized form that may feel a little more invasive than the FAFSA. This is because it wants to see your family’s full financial picture to determine if aid will be granted. It looks at both cash inflow and cash outflow as well as the family’s assets. To [...]

What’s so Funny About Peace, Love and Student Loans

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In recent times, there has been an increasing burden of student loan debt on students and graduates. The numbers don't lie! While having access to education is vital to career and economic growth, the burden of paying off student loans after graduation can have devastating consequences on the economy. What are some of the potential consequences of repayment beginning (again) on $1.6 TRILLION of student debt? Reduced Purchasing Power: Student loan debt has become a significant issue for millennials as they try to manage their expenses while paying off their loans. This situation can lead to a reduced purchasing power that can impact the economy. Graduates with significant debt loads may have to delay home ownership, car purchases, and other significant investments. Lower Retirement Savings: The burden of student loan repayment can also lead to lower retirement savings. For individuals in the early stages of their careers, a large portion of [...]

The Black Box of College Admissions

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When applying for college admission or for financial aid it can feel like you are in the dark. Once you submit your application the decision process is out of your control, and your fate is up to the university. No one really knows what specific criteria each university uses when selecting applicants; This can cause frustrations among students, parents, and counselors. People want more transparency and communication during the selection process because they believe it will make the application process more efficient and will allow students and their families to make the smartest financial decisions possible. Whitney Gouché, Vice President at EMERGE gives an example of an engineering college in California not admitting students if they don’t have credit for AP Calculus BC. Since this information isn’t readily available to students and high school faculty some schools might not offer AP Calculus BC. This puts them at an early [...]

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