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The PrairieFire Path

The PrairieFire Path

Our process is designed to clear away old money messages, uncover the goals and priorities that really matter, and implement the financial strategies that we believe will have the greatest impact.


Clear Away


Progress happens when you know what you’re working towards, but for many, your most deep-seated values and aspirations get clouded by preconceptions that build up over time. That’s why we start by discussing the early money messages that have carried over from earlier periods in your life – by clearing them away, we make room for growth.

We then pose life planning questions to start understanding where you stand today and the choices ahead.

  • What factors do you consider when making financial decisions?
  • Are there financial precepts you hold to be true across the board?
  • How do you feel about investment risk?

Understanding Your Return on Life


With this clean slate established, we start clarifying your values and building up new concepts to inform for your relationship to money. This helps us define concrete objectives that are connected to your deepest priorities for personal fulfilment, family life and long-term legacy.

  • If you were to look back on your life today, what do you want to have accomplished?
  • What made you choose your career path?
  • If money was not a factor, how would you spend an average day?
  • What’s on your bucket list?

Manage Lifetime Returns


We take a clear and structured approach to pursuing your goals, which includes regular communication and coaching sessions, as well as a dedicated goal timeline to help keep everything on track. It’s about managing not only your investments, but also your Lifetime Returns and the meaning you create while navigating transitions and pursuing goals.

By actively managing all applicable strategies across the Wealth Management Index, we take a comprehensive approach to help you use the resources you have to build and maintain your best life.

  • The Wealth Management Index includes:
  • Preservation
  • Protection
  • Leverage
  • Accumulation
  • Distribution

New Landscape


We design a plan to allocate your resources toward the things that matter most to you. This involves defining your Rule of Life to help ensure your financial strategies retain their connection to your deepest priorities, and implementing a Metabolic Money Plan to help adapt to your life as it evolves.

We leverage a professional network that includes legal specialists, insurance providers, and tax and family office resources, in order to help identify and implement the strategies that will have the greatest impact on your goals.

  • Your Rule of Life
  • Metabolic Money Plan
  • Goal timeline and communication schedule

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