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What Do You Mean, PrairieFire?


Tuesday, October 29th, 2019


Matt Meline


We are nearly two months into the adventure we call PrairieFire. It’s an exciting time and I’ll forever be grateful for being allowed to be a part of my clients’ stories.

For those of you wondering where this “prairie fire” concept came from, it’s a vision that has grown out of a recent segment of my own personal journey.

As my nest at home began to empty, the change in the kids’ lives made me realize that my role as advisor had helped lead them, in a very healthy way, to a burgeoning sense of independence. This was a blessing to be sure, but it felt like a scourge to the old man. It made me realize that I was going to have to morph my primary purpose into something that didn’t include tending to the flock.

Fortunately I found a community that felt the same tugs and pulls, and they became the catalyst to my discovery of the prairie fire metaphor. I realized that there comes a time in life when we need to let go of the old stories. Some of these were necessary during the first half of our lives, but now, in the same way that a prairie fire sparks new growth, letting them go allows us to move fully into the second half of life.

For me, this meant founding PrairieFire Wealth Planning and guiding my clients through an analogous process of self-discovery. This blog will be just one of the ways I hope to provide insight and guidance throughout this journey.


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