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The Personality Framework


Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


Matt Meline


A personality, yours or mine or anyone’s, is really just our framework for survival. We all have to learn through the school of hard knocks how to fit in, manage our environment and – hopefully – thrive.

We may learn that getting angry is not tolerated, so we become peacemakers. We may observe aggressive individuals getting what they want, so we become more assertive as a result. The education we receive through our upbringing and life experiences teaches us what is essentially a system of defense mechanisms.

As we step into new roles and gain independence, we begin to react in accordance with this framework, and thus our personality develops and we build a conception of who we are.

It follows that understanding your personality helps you to uncover why you do the things you do – it’s a rewarding quest and a vital skill that we develop over time as we manage and navigate life. Think of your personality quest as your own little simmering stew!

Understanding our personality can truly help us make better decisions. It can also uncover negative messages that, once you let go of them, expose new areas of life that you’d like to explore. Remember: the prairie fire burns away the old and makes room for new growth.

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