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The Messages We Live by


Sunday, October 27th, 2019


Matt Meline


For many of us, there are certain beliefs that take root early on in life, and they can have a meaningful grip on us until they are challenged.

“Once I get ‘X,’ I’ll feel content.”
“If only my partner saw things the way I did, we would be able to retire.”
“I’ll never have enough.”
“Even though I do have enough, I still feel empty.”

It often happens that “truths” like these become so deeply held that we live our lives by them without fully realizing it – and when they are examined, we can also feel incredibly threatened. After all, it’s frightening to give up something we have held dear for so long. 

Sometimes, though, the breakthroughs that come from opening up to new things allow us to find new growth – just like the prairie.


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