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Money Sense Is the Survival Skill of Our Generation


Monday, November 4th, 2019


Matt Meline


I often speak about old money messages and how they can guide our behavior without us realizing it. During the process of examining the old messages in my own life, I found that certain themes were emerging. They included:

  • Freedom
  • Teaching/Coaching
  • Hope
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Meaning

But the question remains, once we do arrive at realizations like this, how do we act on them? How do we go about fulfilling our newfound sense of purpose and become our authentic self?

Don’t worry – I haven’t gone off the deep end. I’m just understanding, now more than ever, that our financial lives are deeply integrated with our emotional lives. Because of this relationship, financial strategy can be an important inroad to some of our deepest personal goals.

That’s why we say that money sense is the survival skill of our generation. We aren’t scouring the prairie for our next meal (We have Uber Eats!) – in a certain way, financial prudence has taken over this role of self-preservation and advancement in our lives.

In short, if we are to have the sense of assurance and peace that can lead us to our most authentic selves, then we need to have our financial lives in order first.

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