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Areas of Focus

Behind every major financial decision is an important life change.

Clients who complete the PrairieFire Path™ during periods of transition in their lives are often those who see the most value from it – because it becomes an opportunity to start living your best life.

Empty Nesters

When your children become independent, your life changes, too.

For many, it’s a tightrope walk between your roles as a parent to maturing children and as a child of aging parents. Through it all you’re trying to consider your own future, while balancing complex emotions with numerous financial considerations.

We take a collaborative approach that is oriented toward personal coaching and guidance, so that we can help support our clients through the emotional as well as the financial components of working on or living in an empty nest.

Our services and strategies include:

Business Owners

Pursuing Meaningful Money Goals

When your focus is your business for much of your professional life, it often takes a transitional event to rediscover some of your more deep-seated goals and values.


We work with business owners to help define their deepest priorities, and to align them with a comprehensive set of financial strategies. Our aim is to help you get on a path of personal and financial fulfillment, and to maintain progress through a regimented and collaborative process.

Our services and strategies include:

Pre-Retirees and Retirees

Building a Meaningful Retirement Life

Retirement is not only a financial transition, it’s an opportunity to convert your life’s work into your best life, by strategically dedicating the resources you have to the priorities that matter most.

We start by clearing away the money messages from the first part of your life, in order to help you live with purpose in the second part of your life. Our focus is to help you manage the financial balancing act of planning for retirement, along with the emotional challenges of change, in order to help you reach goals that previously you may not have considered possible.

Our services and strategies include:

“Our process is a fusion of money and meaning, and it enables us to work toward a return on your life’s work, not just a return on your investments. When you attach a deeper significance to the financial decisions you make, you can use the resources you have in order to cultivate a life of purpose.”
Matt C. Meline CFP®
Founder and CEO

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